The building blocks of an effective user interface are intuitive and consitent elements, familiar terminology, semantic code, documentation and unobtrusive scripting. These guarantee instilling confidence and comfort of use in users.

Using best coding practices and design patterns guarantees a positive ROI in assuring maintainability and fluid, easy expandability as are illustrated in these representative samples of my work.

Coded from two Adobe Photoshop composites. This is a screenshot from the Business eBanking application. Online Investment applications for individuals and portfolio managers. Payroll Tax Compliance Software corporate site. CBT partner application for user training of CDC PEMS application. Health Data Management Application. eCommerce Data Management internet site. Marketing Solutions provider site coded entirely from composites. Printing and Marketing Solutions provider internet site. Management Dashboard application mock up. Payroll Tax Compliance administration dashboard. Seven application corporate applications framework Global Enterprise Asset Managment software developer. Non-profit Community Service Information site Nail salon brochure site Sales Dashboard with customizable pod layout.